Video Door Phone: Myths Vs Truth

video door phone

Security has become a necessity in every home and every aspect of human life. But when it comes to security solutions, people tend to become hesitant as to using them for their homes. The doorbell that rang at an odd hour might raise your suspicions and make you wary of opening the door. While people still rely on risky means of security today, they forget to consider a technology-based reliable solution to man’s most basic need for optimum safety.

Despite having a colony watchman, what makes people nervous when they hear a call-bell at an unreasonable hour? It is time for you to start looking for smarter solutions to your home’s security and stop being fearful of opening the door to a stranger. An optimised device that gives you access to talking to the person at the door without having to open the door physically is a smart solution. But what’s keeping you from taking this up?

Here are five myths about video door phones and the truth behind them.

Myth #1: Security Systems are for Offices Only: A majority of people believe that only bigger commercial spaces like offices and marketplaces need security systems installed in their entrance. This is because there is also an inherent belief amongst people that security technology is expensive.

Truth: Security solutions are as much made for homes as they are made for offices. Home-based security products are plenty. Facilities like video phones on doors are, in fact, affordable and cheaper than most basic home appliances.

Myth #2: Insurance is the Only Security I Need: A lot of people fear burglary in their houses while justifying the lack of tangible security in their homes by depending on insurance.

Truth: Home insurance claims always go up in value, and insurance premiums are a long-term commitment. A security gadget like camera-phone on your entrance can eliminate any big or small risk your house faces.

Myth #3: Security Tech Technology is Inferior: Most people think security solutions comprise of mostly one thing-an alarm going off as soon as someone tries to enter their house.

Truth: The above scenario is better suited for a movie than real life. Security systems are much more versatile than just a burglar alarm. In fact, gadgets like video phones on doors allow users to view, record, and playback all footage of those who visit their front door.

Myth #4: Call-Enabled Doors are only for Single Houses: Even if one believes in the credibility of security technology for their homes, they have a misconception that such systems lack an intercom facility or multiple flat/house service.

Truth: Not only do phone-enabled doors have an intercom to establish communication with other monitors installed inside the house, but some special kits also give the option to communicate with other apartments as well.

Myth #5: Compromised Privacy: The most common myth about phones on doors is that people get security at the cost of a peaceful and private life at home.

Truth: A good video door phone will have an inbuilt “do not disturb” option in it which enables you to take time off and mute alerts for privacy. The whole idea of a gadget like this is to provide you with security and convenience, and it does so by letting you choose your private hours and the duration.

Doors that are enabled with video facility guard the safety of the houses in any complex or society. One does not need to shell fortunes to get such a security gadget, and one certainly does not need to let go of their privacy for keeping their house safe. A safe house is the one in which its occupants are free of the fear that their house is open despite it being locked. Being able to check on the person who visits your house entrance virtually is the only solution you need to let go of such a fear.

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