How to Install Netflix on Your TV?

to Install Netflix on Your TV

Netflix is an American entertainment company having millions of subscribers around the world. It offersa variety of TV shows and movies which are available online. You just need an Internet-enabled TV and you can have access to all the shows. You need to first check that you have smart TV and has Netflix application on your TV..

The steps given below shows how to install Netflix toyour TV:

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Procedure to install Netflix onyour TV:

Step 1:Connectyour TV to Internet. You can do this either by using Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable.

Note: If you are choosing Ethernet,insert the cable coming from the TV ‘s Ethernet port into the Ethernet jack fixed in the wall. If using Wi-Fi, make it sure that the TV is able to read your network settings onthe system setup page.

Step 2: Set up your TV to receive the Internet programming as per the instructions given in your TV user’s manual.

Note:The setup process varies with each TV model. This step may or may not be necessary, depending on what brand and TV model you have.

Step 3: Go to the menu of your TV. This will show a list of Internet applications available on your TV. Then, press the “Enter/Select” optionof your remote to activate the application.

Step 4:Accept the “Terms of Agreement” by clicking “Enter” option on the remote to have access to the registration screen of Netflix. You will have to confirm if you are already member of Netflix. If so, then select “Yes” and press the “Enter” option on the remote. You will see an activation code on the screen.

Step 5:Go to the website. Then, log in to your account. Next,go to the button that tells “Activate a device.” Select the TV from the list of the options. A blank box will appear. Enter the 4-digit activation code in the box and then click on “Activate.”

Step 6:Then, select the menu button on the TV to go to the Netflix application. Then, press the “Enter/Select” option on your remote. The home screen of Netflix will be displayed with lists of television showsand movies.

In case you encounter any type of issues with Netflix installation, then contact Netflix customer service to find immediate solutions. Further, our tech experts are available from day to night. So, you can contact our experts at any point of time and get assistance for resolving your tech glitches.

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