How to choose the best postpaid plan

to choose the best postpaid plan

We present simple tips on what to look for choosing a good postpaid plan for your phone.

You may not realise it most times, but of all the important elements in your life, your smartphone is probably one of the most vital ones.

Think about it – can you survive for an entire week, or even a day, without your phone on your person or in your bag? It holds all that you need. It is the provider of information, whether it is the latest news or an easy recipe for a birthday cake. You can bank or shop using your mobile phone, book flight or concert tickets, watch a romantic comedy on the train back from work, or get inspired to become fitter using a new fitness app you downloaded.

But of course, there’s a catch. Your mobile phone can only do so much if you take the trouble to help it along. How? By matching your phone’s capabilities with an equally smart (if not smarter) and best postpaid plan.

Picking the best postpaid plan – Not as tough as it first appears

It seems mind boggling at first to pick a good postpaid plan from among the bevy of options available to you. Every mobile service provider has multiple postpaid plans to offer, each with its own USP. So how do you choose the best postpaid plan?

Look for these attributes:

  • The postpaid plan is easy to buy – the mobile service provider does not make you jump through hoops and sign a million forms to be able to buy a new postpaid connection.
  • There are multiple options for postpaid plans, with the best of features and functionalities across service providers.
  • The best postpaid plan will boast of all these factors: reasonable price, always-on connectivity, host of supporting aps to help you shop, get entertained, pay bills, etc. For example, if you buy an Airtel postpaid connection, you can use the myAirtel app for all your needs stated previously. Plus, the app is extremely easy to use by all.
  • The service provider is amenable to offering different mobile postpaid offers regularly so that you get additional savings on your connection.
  • The best postpaid plan can be purchased easily and also have a simple, few-steps-only bill payment facility.
  • The service provider lets you switch to another kind of postpaid plan (at a lower or higher monthly price and features) quite easily online.
  • The service provider offers a unique proposition that others don’t – for example, the Airtel Family Plan. No other service provider apart from Airtel offers you the chance to club all the family members’ individual plans under one connection. This makes bill payment easy and account management easier.
  • Apart from all these benefits, a service provider like Airtel offers additional benefits like rental cashback per month, as also monthly data rollover for unused data.

Have you switched over to the best postpaid plan yet?

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