Choosing a Blogger Outreach Service within the UK

Choosing a Blogger Outreach Service within the UK

When it comes to choosing a blogger outreach service, there are no shortage of options. But, as with most internet marketing services, the quality varies dramatically between the different providers. While there are a number of high quality guest posting and blogger outreach services coming out of Asia, the highest quality placements usually come from UK blogger outreach services.

UK internet marketing agencies tend to have higher quality content (as all of their writers are based in the UK and are native speakers), while Asian providers tend to use non-native speakers to write the content, and it can often end up low quality and off-topic. The key to successful blogger outreach campaigns is to create engaging content, which people actually want to read, and will therefore click back through to the source of the article (your website) to find more similar content.

A lot of the Asian services tend to do blogger outreach primarily as a method of building links, so the prices are cheap, the quality of the content is poor, and so is the quality of the blog that the article is published on. BUT, you do get a backlink.

With enough low quality links, you will see increases in your search engine rankings, but you may also face a Google penalty. Google likes quality, not quantity. So, you’re much better off spending the extra money to get quality blogger outreach placements rather than cheap links. With a quality placement, you will not only get almost instant increases in your Google rankings, but you’ll also get direct referral traffic from the placement, and you’ll be increasing your brand awareness and securing your position as a source of authority within your niche. All of these benefits from one high quality placement will outweigh two dozen low quality backlinks.

There are a few simple things you can look for to find out where an agency is located. First of all, a lot of the Indian blogger outreach services will have spelling and grammar mistakes on their website, so they are easy to spot. You can also look for the contact telephone number, or simply do a WhoIS search on the domain name to find out which address the domain name is registered too, and which country it resides in.

You will often find that the Indian blogger outreach services are cheaper than those from UK or USA based providers, but that happens for a number of reasons. The most common reason being that they usually work from blog lists. Lists of blogs who they know accept guest posts in exchange for money. They will publish any content for a price. A lot of these are private blog networks, and they are not ideal when you’re running a blogger outreach campaign.

Just because something is cheap, doesn’t make it better value. You should be paying around $300 per placement for top quality blogger outreach placements. If you find a website offering placements for $50, you can be almost 100% certain that the blogs you will receive placements on will all be low quality blogs, more than likely without any real traffic or any real audience.

Most reputable UK blogger outreach agencies will have their UK address listed on their website, as well as their registered company number which can be checked through Companies House. This will give you assurance that the blogger outreach agency is actually from the UK, and therefor, you can expect a higher quality service than those which you might find from an Indian or Asian blogger outreach service.

This is not to say that all Indian and Asian blogger outreach services lack quality, because that’s not true. There are many great Indian guest bloggers, but you do have to be careful to look out for those which are not as high quality as they claim. Private blog networks and sponsored posts are definitely something which you want to avoid these days, if you want to avoid getting a penalty from Google. Quality is much more valuable than quantity when it comes to link building, and that follows through to guest posting and blogger outreach too.

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